Why am I here?

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As an incoming college student, one is either eager to start learning or just excited that they can pick and choose the time of their courses, make it as late as possible and end up skipping it anyway. Well you did good thus far – congratulations on taking Rhetoric with the wonderful Bret Zawilski, and I commend you on finding your way to this page!

The study of different rhetoricians and philosophers can get quite confusing, and through all these extraordinary minds there will always be one who stands out.

Michel Foucault led a spectacularly full life, given that he one lived to be 57 years old. As a philosopher, historian, social theorist, philologist, writer, and literary critic – his thoughts centered around the correlation between power and knowledge.

The value behind Foucault’s thoughts are priceless, as they are modern, supported, and in turn highly influential. As the world continues to spin there are those who choose to pick it apart, some more violently and dramatically than others. (See: Ramsey)

Foucault’s views are refreshing and relatable, one can appreciate his life’s work – as it was dedicated to academia, philanthropy, and staying true to himself and urging others to do so as well. He’s also known as being the most influential social theorist of the second half of the twentieth century… which is pretty cool too.


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